Countdown to Catalina: 3 days

Have you been enjoying following my preparations for the crossing? Have you been bitten by the marathon swimming bug? Perhaps not, but are you ready to watch me as I swim across the Catalina Channel? Here are three ways you can support me during my swim:

1. Follow a Live Tracker

Follow my live tracker at to see me swim across the channel in real time! There is also a tracker on my boat, The Outrider, which will also show my progress. While these are relatively accurate, please don’t freak out if something goes wrong or it freezes; it is much more likely to be a technical issue than anything else.

2. Post on Facebook

My support swimmer Paige Christie and my mom Natalie will be taking over my Facebook and Twitter (@openwaterabby) for the evening to post updates about my progress. Feel free to post messages and Paige will write them on a whiteboard for me to see! I will love to know that I am not alone even though I am the only one swimming.

3. Support my mom

My mom Kim will be staying on the mainland because she would be too nervous to see me in the water all that time. You can support my swim by messaging Kim on Facebook to keep her calm while I am in the middle of the ocean!

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