T-Minus 5 months

So I just realized that my team and I leave for England in almost exactly 5 months. This both an exciting and scary realization, but also fitting as I plan to start my “real” channel training on Monday. Of course I am not starting from nothing, all my training from my Smith season will become a base on which my channel training will build. In season, I train a lot of butterfly and IM and now my training will change to include more freestyle and more volume. For example, an “in season” set for me might include 200s butterfly on repeat and this type of set will now become 500s freestyle holding a specific pace.


Me and the Smith distance crew!

I competed with my team at NEWMACs last weekend and I am sad that our competitive season is over, but also looking ahead to my channel training. I cannot wait to start training; partly because it will feel good to have a goal again, and partly because I am just plain excited. I am also nervous because officially starting training will make it real that I will be pushing off from England and heading to France sometime in July or August. This swim has always been an abstract goal of mine but now it is a real goal with a deadline. I am so grateful for all my teammates and everyone else who have helped get me this far already and I cannot wait to see where this training and sport will take me!

1 thought on “T-Minus 5 months

  1. Penelope Kaczmarek

    I’m a 62 year old Oregon water dog taking inspiration from your dedication Abby. Cliffs of Dover here you come!


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