Thanksgiving Day swim

To celebrate thanksgiving this year I decided to check out a new open water spot that overcomes an unusual setting to provide an unparalleled swim experience. The group is Lucky’s Lake Swim at Lake Cane in Orlando, FL, just 5 minutes from Universal’s Harry Potter World. Swim coach, yo-yo collector, dermatologist, and swim enthusiast extraordinaire Lucky Meisenheimer opens his lake front home every morning to allow swimmers of all ages to enjoy the spectacular swim venue.IMG_7635

I found out about this swim through a post on the Marathon Swimmers Forum and the group members were very helpful in answering my questions on Facebook. I have never seen anything quite like the set up at Lucky’s. My mom and I arrived at the property and followed the signs past Luckys house and down to the water front. Walking in at 7:15, we were early for the 7:45 swim, yet were greeted by a smiling swimmer in a swim shack on the dock. I signed a waiver and was given instructions for how to complete the 1000m clockwise crossing. I watched as the man dumped fish food into the lake and a school of about 20 3-foot-long carp came out from under the dock and swarmed the flakes of food. 

The word welcoming doesn’t even begin to describe the attitudes of the regulars whoIMG_7654 began to arrive soon after I was given my green cap (worn for the first 3 crossings) and my Orange safe swim buoy (required for the first 25 crossings). I was the only first timer and they made a big deal about taking my picture in front of a #1 sign.


At exactly 7:45, the group began to wade into the water, past the 2 alligator statues half submerged into the sandy bottom. I followed a few guys in gold caps (meaning they have done 100 crossings) and started to swim along the buoy line toward the other shore. The murky water was a little eerie but a comfortable 71 degrees and I tried to find my rhythm, pulling the orange buoy behind me. The buoy wasn’t as annoying as I thought it would be and I barely noticed the strap around my waist. After the first lap, a swimmer named Peter introduced himself to me and invited me to swim a few more laps with him. I followed him back out into the lake and we swam 4 more laps, for a total swim distance of 5K. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.27.52 PM

Left: Signing the Wall of Fame at Lucky’s Lake Swim. Right: Signing the wall of the White Horse Pub in Dover, UK (Aug, 2017).

After the swim, I was invited to come into the house to sign the wall of fame and get my “swag”. I climbed up on a ladder to reach the ceiling and felt like I was back in the White Horse Pub in Dover. They showed me the Olympians that had signed the wall and I saw several names I recognized. Apparently, my 5 crossings is probably the most ever done by a swimmer on their first visit to the lake.

I met the famous Lucky himself and thanked him for his hospitality. Lucky is


Lucky and me celebrating after the swim!

nominated for WOWSA Man of The Year and I can’t think of anyone who deserves this recognition more than him. This swim is an incredible experience and should be a part of any swimmers’ trip to Central Florida. I hope I can come back and swim with this awesome group again soon! Thanks to Lucky and the whole group for making me feel welcome and safe in a new environment.



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