Meeting Lynne Cox

I have not mentioned this before but one of things that got me interested in Open Water Swimming in the first place was a book called Swimming to Antarctica by Lynne Cox. Lynne Cox is an amazing and inspirational distance swimmer who has been my idol ever since I read her story. She not only held multiple distance swimming records but also completed swims to help foster diplomacy in the world.

Though I knew that Lynne Cox’s first ever open water swim was at Seal Beach, I hoped but did not have any reason to expect that she might make an appearance at the competition. After I finished my swim, I ran up the beach to find Lynne Cox meeting swimmers and taking photos. I know it may be hard to grasp how much this meant to me, so just imagine your biggest idol (for my sister it would be Taylor Swift) taking a photo with you and signing your shirt. This encounter made not only my day but also probably my year!

Lynne Cox and me

Lynne Cox and me

1 thought on “Meeting Lynne Cox

  1. Lisa Linnenkohl

    Awesome Abby….I am sure you have read her book Greyson. Loved it. So glad you got to meet her!


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