Countdown to Catalina: 10 days out

I am finally ten days away from my Catalina Crossing and I couldn’t be more excited! For the next ten days, I will write a series of countdown posts to mark the days up to my swim. This first article will center on 10 things and people I am thankful for leading up to my swim (in no particular order).

1. An amazing team for my swim

I know I will be in good hands on the boat and in the water because I trust every member of my team completely!

2. My family’s support

From encouraging me after a bad workout to cheering on my successes my family has always been there to provide much needed support! Besides emotional support, my parents have also helped support my athletic pursuits financially.

3. A great place to train


Even on the days where the air is cold and I would much rather stay in bed, the natural beauty of the ocean where I am fortunate to get to train helps motivate me. I can’t help but be thankful that I live so close to so many amazing places to train in open water!

4. My training partners Natalie, Gino, and Eliza

Knowing that there are other people training along side me helps me work hard everyday. At the same time, we are able to push each other together to achieve success separately.

5. Smith College Swimmers and Coaches


I am so thankful to have a whole team of bananas cheering me on from all over the world! I hope I can make them proud!

6. My marathon swimming “big sister” Paige

abby and paige2.jpg

Paige has been there from the first day I said that I wanted to do a marathon swim. She is the first person I turn to to share both trials an triumphs encountered throughout my training! I am so happy and honored that Paige will be on my boat during my swim and I know that she’ll be looking out for me.

7. My coach Kim and his training plan

Kim snowball.jpg

Coach Kim Bierwert has successfully coached six English Channel swimmers and I am very grateful that he chose to coach my Catalina Crossing. Though he cannot accompany my crossing, he wrote my training plan and is always willing to help me.

8. My crew chief Rebecca

abby and rebecca.png

My crew chief Rebecca has guided me through the whole process of preparing for my crossing and I know she will keep me safe throughout my crossing. She is always ready to offer some calm words when I am fretting over some detail.

9. Team Santa Monica Swimmers and Coaches

TSM Castaic

I trained with Team Santa Monica throughout my childhood and I am thankful for the dedication, work ethic, and love for the sport the swimmers and coaches there instilled in me. I swam in my first open water event with TSM and they helped to foster my love (or addition) for ocean swimming

10. Everyone who has supported my training swims

after the finish

I could not have arrived at this point in my training with out the support of all the paddlers and supporters who have helped me through training swims, races, and other preparations.

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