Spuyten Duyvil 10k

Yesterday, two of my Smith teammates and I headed into New York City to enjoy a little time in the city and then compete today in the Spuyten Duyvil 10k swim. This swim was organized by NY Open Water and was one of the most smoothly run mass-start races I have ever done. Because our college season starts in a few weeks, this swim was officially my last open water swim of the summer. Though it was my last swim, I experienced many firsts as part of this swim.


Eliza, Abby, and I enjoying Time Square.

Going to New York City with friends for the weekend. While I have been at Smith for over two years now, I have never taken weekend trip to any city with friends. This weekend we spent Saturday night enjoying the city and exploring Time Square. We also met up with with our former teammate, Emily, and had a nice dinner.


Veiw of the Hudson River from the finish.

Swimming in a river. I have swam in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, in lakes, and even in a pond. But prior to today I had never swum in a river. The Hudson River is very wide where we swam and has fast moving, brackish water. I knew I could handle choppy conditions because I have trained in the ocean, but I also knew that the river would be different. This race had a in-water start so we all hopped of a dock in Yonkers to begin the swim and immediately noticed that the water tasted slightly salty and was churning. As the swim went on, I had a hard time finding my rhythm because the water was pushing me from behind, but also towards the shore. After swimming this 10k in the Hudson, i have to give my friend Paige so much credit for her 7 day long 8 Bridges Swim.


Eliza, myself, and Abby receiving our awards.

Sweeping a race with my friends. One very special part of this race is that Eliza, myself, and Abby went 1-2-3 for women. It was very special for me and my friends and a big win for Smith open water swimming. Eliza and I also placed in the top 3 overall. There were 78 people entered in the race and I am very proud of my friends and I for our performance.



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