English Channel Details

I completed my last long training swim this morning and am now starting my taper! My team and I leave for England in just over a week and I could not be more excited! Since my swim is drawing closer, I figured I should answer some of the most common questions I have been receiving from my friends, family, and supporters.

When will I swim?

I will most likely swim between July 29th and August 6th, depending on the weather. I am booked on a neap tide (which is when there is the least change between high and low tide), but the ultimate deciding factor is good weather. I will swim on the first good weather day offered to me by my boat pilot. You can follow my swim on the CS and PF site or my tracker.

How far is it across the channel?

It is 21 miles across the channel in a straight line, but currents will push me and increase the swim distance.

What will I wear?

According to the Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation, I am allowed to swim in one regular swim suit, one cap, and one pair of goggles. Yep, this means no wetsuits allowed! I will also be putting on a layer of grease (1/2 vasoline, 1/2 lanolin) to help with chafing from the salt water.

Who is coming to England with me?

My crew for England includes my mom Natalie, my coach Kim Bierwert, and my friend/teammate/support swimmer/channel mama Paige! My training buddy Rebecca and her family will also be in England at the same time!

Will I swim alone?

For the majority of the swim, I will be the only swimmer in the water, but Paige will jump in to support me from time to time!

What will I eat?

I will follow the same feeding plan I used for my Catalina swim. I will feed every 30 minutes, starting from the beginning of the swim. My feeds are either carbopro (which basically tastes like sugar water) or applesauce. While I do stop to tread water for a few seconds to feed, I am not allowed to touch the boat or receive any assistance.

Are there sharks?

While there are sharks in British waters (it is the ocean after all), the water is generally too cold for the large scary sharks we get here in California. Jellyfish are certainly a more pressing concern in the channel!

Will I have a boat with me?

I will be accompanied by the Gallivant and Captain Mike Oram. My mom, my coach Kim, and Paige will also be on my boat, as will an observer from the swim federation.

I am getting very excited to head over to England and hope you will be able to experience my journey with me!


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