Countdown to Catalina: 1 more day

Tomorrow I will set off from Catalina Island and swim through the night to the California mainland. Today I completed my last training swim with Gino in Manhattan Beach. He did 6 hours (4 laps) and I joined him for and hour and a half (1 lap). My stroke is feeling smooth and strong and I am so ready to go!


Acupuncture needles in my head and ears!

I have been preparing in many different ways this week including mixing my grease and getting acupuncture. I went to an acupuncturist to protect against seasickness and anxiety leading up to my swim. I have been checking and rechecking all of my gear and feeds, just to make sure that I have everything I need before I get on the boat.

I have 19 bottles that I will prepare so that I can stick to my feeding schedule, where I feed every half hour. With the number of bottles I have, I can make two bags that will last 6 hours each.


I use narrow mouth bottles so that I don’t lose any of my feed!

Since I need 3 bottles every 2 hours (with the 4th feed being an apple sauce), each bag will have 9 bottles and 3 apple sauces and can be switched out when my kayakers switch after 6 hours.


My gear is all packed!

My swim will start on Catalina Island at a place called Doctor’s Cove and will aim finish at Terranea on Palos Verdes. You can follow my progress on my GPS tracker of on Outrider’s Spot tracker!

I want to thank all of the amazing people who have helped me get to this point so far! The list is so long and I am so lucky to have such wonderful teammates, training buddies, friends, and family all helping me achieve my dreams!

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1 thought on “Countdown to Catalina: 1 more day

  1. Helen Chun

    Read about your swim from Catalina Island to Palos Verdes on Culver Patch this morning and am very proud of you! I am a Smithie (’93) with a biology degree who lives in Culver City. YOU GO, GIRL!


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