6 mile swim recap

My mom and I drove up to Santa Barbara this past weekend so that I could compete in the Semana Nautica 6 Mile Swim for the 5th year in a row! We spent Saturday exploring Santa Barbara and trying to stay cool in the 90+ degree heat. On Sunday, we arrived at Goleta beach and met up with my kayaker, Greg, before listening to a pre-race briefing. I had so many friends also competing in this event, and it was really fun to see everyone having fun and working hard.


Race map

The race began around 9:15am and I sprinted into the water, passing the white buoy marker on my left side and skirting the side of a large patch of kelp. I was ahead of most of the field, with 3 men ahead of me, including my training buddy Gino. As soon as we passed the end of the pier, I decided to crawl across the kelp, rather than try to swim around it, which would add at least 200 yards to my swim. While this was a gamble, it turned out to be a good choice, and I quickly met up with Greg and turned my attention to finding my pace.

P1010132I felt strong in the cool water and focused on smoothing out my stroke and letting my breathing calm down after the initial sprint from shore. I could see Gino’s brother, Michael, in the kayak ahead of me and a double kayak ahead of him, as my breathing steadied. The first 30 minutes went by quickly, and before I knew it, Greg was signaling that it was time for my first feed. While I was drinking, Greg told me that there were two swimmers ahead of me and two fairly even with me but way to our outside. There was a lot of kelp this year and many swimmers decided to stay far outside of it, but Greg took me on a more direct inside line, while still avoiding most of the kelp.

The water on the inside of the kelp bed was very calm, almost glassy, and I felt like I was making great time toward the finish. At the second feed, Greg told me that we were about halfway through the swim and that I was maintaining a slight lead over the other women in the field. I pushed on, trying to build my pace a little, and P1010193working hard to avoid having to crawl over any more kelp. The third feed came up quickly and I was still feeling good and enjoying the swim. The sweet GoGoSqueez applesauce was a welcome break from the salty water. I continued to fly across the water and began to near the point marking the entrance to Hendry’s beach and the finish line. When I took my fourth feed, Greg told me that I had about 3/4 of a mile left and that he could see the buoy at the finish. I started sprinting, gaining on the blue-capped swimmer ahead of me, who turned out to be a guy. I caught him as we neared the buoy, and we sprinted into the beach together. We crossed the surf line and sprinted up the beach, crossing the finish line together.

I finished tied for 3rd place overall and was the first woman to finish the race. I am so grateful to my mom Natalie for all her support this weekend and to my paddler Greg for his amazing guidance. This swim felt so strong and I am very excited to see what I can accomplish next weekend in Manhattan. If you want to follow along during that race, please see track.rs/abby/ and track.rs/nyow/.

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