Countdown to Catalina: 6 days

Paige Christie is an amazing human being who is partly responsible for getting me into marathon swimming in the first place. The summer before I started at Smith, I was already swimming in the ocean, but obsessively following Paige’s English Channel swim really made me say, “I want to do that.” I have compiled a list of six pieces of wisdom from Paige Christie.

abby and paige2

1. “minimal exertion maximal endurance”

Paige gave me this piece of advice when I first started training for my crossing. She wanted me to focus on swimming for as long as possible using as little energy as possible.

2. “You have to have a few screws loose to do this”

This is not advice really, but more a reassurance that all marathon swimmers are a little crazy.

3. “There are so many people that want to help you make it successful, always surround yourself with people that you trust and who really have your back”

Paige is trying to remind me to sort through all the good advice I have received and also to think for myself through this whole process.

4. “It’s just one lap”

This line has become a mantra for me and has helped me get into the right mindset to complete challenging swims. Though not all swims are actually “one lap,” I have used the mentality that my job us simply to get in and swim, and then keep swimming until I am done.


5. “The way out it the way through”

This is very similar to #4 in that it speaks to the way that marathon swims simplify to getting in swimming, swimming some more, and then finishing.

6. “All you need is a body”

This one really hit home for me yesterday when I was at the beach watching some windsurfers set up there equipment. I was reminded how grateful I am that I am all I need to swim. No elaborate set up for me.

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